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Unable to start via BTearbuds or assistant.

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Pixel 8pro,android 14,Sony xm1004 earbuds,PA version 981.

Up untill about a week ago everything was working properly,now I can't start PA by the google assistant shortcuts,it just tells me "sorry this shortcut only works on an android phone with this app installed" also when I tap my earbuds it won't start up.If I ask assistant to "ask Poweramp to play some music"it may or may not start the app but if it does it shuts off the shuttle function.This is counter productive as I need to go into the app to turn it back on,so might as well just go into my phone to start the app thereby not having any voice control.I thought maybe another app was interfering so I turned everything of in Android Auto and Youtube Music but no change.There doesn't seem to be anyway to set PA as default music player,so I'm at a comlete loss here.Any help would be greatly appreciated as I like the hands free option for when I'm out walking and don't have to fumble arround with my phone esp.late at night.Thanks in advance.

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Has your version of Android (or the Google Assistant/Android Auto) been updated recently? I'm guessing it probably has as the shuffle/repeat mode change with BT connections only happened in very recent Android 14 builds.

PA 981 does have a new option to try to help alleviate this issue in Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth=>Ignore Repeat/Shuffle, but the underlying cause is Android forwarding commands that it did not do before (usually from car headunits). To check if this is the case, see Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth=>Last Processed Commands and see what commands are being sent to Poweramp during the connection.


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