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How to view shuffled playlist queue?

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Hi all

If I shuffle a playlist, how do I see what the new queue looks like? What's the next track, previous ones etc?


The Queue category doesn't update and if I pull, or slide, or whatever it shows me the current track and it's position in the playlist, but it's the unshuffled playlist, not the shuffled one.




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You can't I'm afraid. When you use the 'Shuffle' icon (either in a list header or on the Player Screen) the current playback sequence is randomised so that each new track is a random surprise.

What you can do if you want to see and/or adjust a randomised Playlist is to use the 'Re-sort' option in that playlist's three-dots menu, and choose 'Shuffle'. That will permanently re-order the songs in the list into a new random sequence. This has the advantage that you can return to the list at any time and see and move songs around, or you can resume playing a long shuffled list exactly where you left off last time, etc. On the downside though, the change is made to the layout of the original playlist, so you cannot recover the original song order if that was important to you.

There is a popular Feature Request for a 'Now Playing' view like the one you mentioned though, which would allow you to see a flattened list of the currently planned song order - regardless of whether that order is based on Categories or Shuffled. You can vote for that feature here, although it's currently already the most requested item:


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