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constant distortion


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Poweramp causes constant distortion. resetting the audio settings doesn't help, and neither does reinstalling it. 

i have been using it for years, now i had to uninstall it and use another music player. i have not received any support from Poweramp 

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You won't receive much support (from anywhere) if you don't provide any information and describe your problem accurately.

For example, what device, your Android version, Poweramp version, output method (phone speaker, USB-DAC, Bluetooth?)? What sort of distortion, and is it all the time or during certain types of music? Do you have DVC enabled, and/or any EQ adjustments? Is anything else post-processing the audio (e.g. Dolby option on some devices)?

Clearly if it had been fine for years, something must have recently changed in your setup - any ideas what that could be?


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I met a similar issue before, but since you didn't elaborate the whole situation, so I just give every detail about my issue.

Basically it's when you're using a mid-low end cellphone which based on MediaTek SoC, and you accidentally set the output setting as Hi-Res output and the Sample Rate is equal or over 96khz, then there will be a great possibility to encounter a constant distortion as you described.

But as Andrew said, you must describe the situation you met in order to solve the issue.


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