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Refresh Rate Locked at 60Hz

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A small issue founded by a user from other forum, so basically it is the refresh rate was locked at 60Hz even switch up the option "Apply OP High Framerate".


However he found two ways to solve the issue, First solution is to change the System Wallpaper to a dynamic wallpaper (video wallpaper) , and the Second solution is to change the PA Background to Transparent Background via a 3rd Party Skin (but it also occur some issue of the background, which I'm not gonna talk about).


So I'm trying to ask for help if this could be solved here, manwhile he's also asking the OEM of the device for help.


Thanks for reading this.


Device Name: Meizu 21


Based on Flyme, Android 14

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Well, been expecting Max for a while, but it seemed like that he wasn't online for a few days, was he on a vacation or something? 🤔

Actually I'm a bit worried, since the thing that was happened in Russia, well I'm not sure if he was in Russia, but I remembered Andrew talked about where he lived before.

Anyway, I hope these are all my useless imaginations.

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15 hours ago, andrewilley said:

Max no longer resides in Russia in case you are concerned about him, Poweramp is now based out of Dubai. 


Glad to hear that, now I just need to wait for a few days.🤓

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