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A Sincerely Request for a 【HarmonyOS NEXT】 Version of Poweramp

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Hello, I am a loyal fan and paid user of Poweramp since 2011, from China.

I am also a Huawei smartphone user. Due to the US sanctions on Huawei, Huawei can no longer use GMS-related services or chips from the US.

Therefore, Huawei has developed its own Harmony OS and Kirin chips. However, since Harmony NEXT version no longer supports Android's AOSP, Android apps can no longer be installed.

Hence, I sincerely hope that you could develop a Harmony OS version of Poweramp.


I know this would add a lot of extra workload and burden, but there are also many benefits:

1.If it can be listed on Huawei's app store, the rewards would be very substantial.

The over 700 million Huawei smartphone users would all be able to download it. Chinese users have a strong willingness to pay, and from what I know, many communities chose pirated versions because they could not access Google Play or Poweramp's official website. However, everyone has a strong willingness to pay, and the biggest obstacle to paying is the lack of payment channels.

2.Huawei attaches great importance to developers and will provide tremendous help and support to developers.

As a developer, if you are willing to develop, Huawei will directly contact you and provide technical support.

3.According to the developer's website, it is also technically easy to convert from Android to HarmonyOS.

4.Deep love from Chinese fans.


I sincerely hope you could consider developing a HarmonyOS NEXT version. If needed, I can also help connect with Huawei.

Regardless of whether you finally choose to develop or not,thank you so so so much for developing such a powerful and user-friendly app.

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