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Poweramp Equalizer sound distortion when I increase volume.

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I have a Xiaomi phone with a plastic back, and it has no bass at all. So I am using the settings in EQ down below.


When I'm increasing volume suddenly, there's distortion in the sound which stabilizes in 1-2 seconds and it sounds okay again. DVC is on. I do have Dolby Atmos enabled on my phone, but when I turn it off, it doesn't sound as good anymore.


Is there a way to apply those dolby atmos effects in Poweramp without having to match every band my hearing the difference. Also, what's the reason behind this sound distortion?


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From the screen shot, the bass is set too high, reduce it to 15% or 20% at most. 

When listening to music with phone speaker(s), it is advisable to turn-off Equalizer because most phone speaker(s) are not capable to reproduce the power an Equalizer, especially the low frequency. 

If you want to hear the beauty that Poweramp music player brings, use headphones or home theater sound system. 

If you must use the phone speaker, it does not mean you must set the volume to max.


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There may be an automatic gain manage kicking in...The equalizer, distorts, AGC takes a second to kick in. So some mechanism is making an attempt to guard against the immoderate benefit you've got configured . Please train your self on how EQ is meant to paintings. Look at the other constructed in profiles and notice none of them appear like what you have configured.

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