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Poweramp always stops playback a short while after I go to another app


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I looked through the settings many times now but failed to find one that would allow me to make it keep playing when I go into another app. Please help!


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Starting another app should not cause Poweramp to stop playing in the background, unless that app requests to take over audio focus - such as another music player, video player, etc. As @6b6561  has said, you can disable the Audio Focus response which may help. Short audio focus changes (such as a Notification noise, or some short spoken navigation guidance) normally will either pause playback or dip the volume, depending on what option you have got enabled in PA Settings=>Audio=>Audio Focus.

There is also the less-likely possibility that your Android device is restricting Poweramp from running as a background process (which might also cause issues with screen-off playback).

Which app are you having problems with? 


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