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Poweramp Equalizer stop working when applemusic plays a spatial audio file

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I can't get it to work with spatial audio file. Poweramp equalizer premium 979-982, apple music 4.6. Xiaomi 13t, running latest hyperOS. The Equalizer will stop whenever I play any dolby atmos spatial file, then start back up while playing regular lossless file. Anything I can do?

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3 hours ago, reine77 said:

Can you elaborate, any way to get Poweramp EQ to work with atmos files?

Your phone model, Xiaomi 13T, supports Dolby Atmos for its phone speakers. No audio jack, and whether or not Dolby Atmos support extends to external dongle-connected headphones or bluetooth-connected headphones, is unclear. How does this work in your experience?

Knowing Apple, and Dolby, trying to keep their licensed stuff under wraps and lock and key, I don't think Poweramp will be able to intercept whatever your phone and Apple Music are programmed to do in terms of DSP.

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The Dolby atmos works with dongle/dedicated amp for sure. I can hear the difference when i turn it off/on clear as night and day. I haven't tried bluetooth yet. Thanks for clarifying about DSP and Atmos, you learn something new everyday

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