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Album art reloads after restarting Poweramp app


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After scrolling a while through my album list in Poweramp, I noticed that their art covers don't "load" anymore. It's like they are stored in some kind of cache, and I can scroll fast through my library without any of them "loading".

I love that. As long as I keep the app open, even if I switch to another app (but still keeping Poweramp open without closing), the album art never "loads", It's always there as I scroll through my library.

However, after I close the app and open it again, the cover art of my albums starts loading again, "restarting" the "process".

Is there a way to never have to load the album art again? even if I close the app and open it again? Is there a way to keep that "cache" even after I close the app?

It would be awesome if it had! Thank you!

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When you open a new category, Poweramp will load the cover artwork for the songs (or albums) in real time - either from images embedded within the audio files or from already-saved image files in Poweramp's cache folders. Thus if you quickly scroll down a long category - for example the All Songs list, or a long playlist - you will see the artwork visibly populate as you move through the list. 

A certain amount of recently used covers can remain present in memory during the current session - so if you scroll back up a list, or return to a just-viewed category, you may see the images displayed immediately - but it would be hugely wasteful to even try to keep an entire music library's worth of artwork in memory at one time.


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