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Need settings to make iphone-specific headphones work with droid phones

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Hi, we all know Poweramp is awesome, but to compliment this great app, we want to be able to listen to our music with our favorite headphone. Afterall, what we're looking for is the end result - great sounds. Without great headsets...what's the point?

There are good headphones with mics out there, but mostly for iphones. What would be nice, is Poweramp would make adjustments on its app, to make iphone-ready headsets compatible with androids....

This little feature alone would be BIG HIT.

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I think this is limited by not only the Android platform itself, but also the hardware in many phones I believe, considering you don't even find this feature in custom ROM's.

However I can recommend the Klipsch S4A's which are a great headset made to support Android.

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