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Any option to set the sampling rate automatically according to tracks

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I am using iqoo 7 legend with usb dac dongle which supports 32 bit 384khz sampling. but whenever I play particular track  it's resample to 32 bit 48khz.Is there any option to auto select sampling rate of any track.(also tried with pixel 7 but getting same issue).

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Not at present, no. You'd need to set the output to the maximum rate you might require, and let lower quality material be upsampled.

There is an existing Request for an automated output-follows-source option, which you can vote for here:


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1 hour ago, AVS said:

@andrewilley Thanks for your reply.But I can't see the voting anywhere and it's showing this instead:


"New members cannot Vote immediately. 2 days membership and 2 valid forum posts required."

If you joined within the last 24 hours, that would explain this.

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