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Album art doesn't work if artist name is too long.

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As in title. When I keep the artist name as "ぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬ" then the art doesn't appear, but when I remove the artist name or shorten it the art magically appears.
Poweramp build number: build-976-bundle-play [976004-c2601e58]
Your device model: Sony Xperia 5 IV
Your Android version: 14



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Embedded artwork from within the audio file should still be displayed, but remember that any downloaded artwork needs to be stored the image file in a cache directory (named as  "<artist> - <album>.jpg" , or using Title is there is no Album detail) which may well have an issue with handling extremely long filenames (it is not generally considered safe to use filenames longer than 127 characters in Android).

See this Guide to find where to look for cached image files so you can check.

If the problem is occurring with embedded images though, that may need looking into.


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