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After PA install, using Android Auto, Google Maps won't speak directions while on phone call.

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After I installed Poweramp, Google Maps will not speak directions while on a phone call with Android Auto. 

I was driving and following Google Maps spoken directions using Android Auto and listening to mp3 music on my phone with Poweramp. After making a phone call, the spoken Google Maps directions stopped and I ended up driving 30 miles out of my way. :( 

This never happened before I installed Poweramp on my Samsung phone. In Google Maps, "Play voice during phone calls" is turned on, and "Play voice over Bluetooth" is off. Samsung A42 phone running Android version 13. Phone wired to Android Auto on my 2021 Lexus RX300.

Any ideas to get this to work or is it a bug?

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Worth checking the options in Settings=>Audio=>Audio Focus, which control app behaviour when Android requests a temporary or permanent change in audio output. Also try using a different Output method in Poweramp, in case that helps (some are more 'standard' than others). Even used a wired connection, on many AA devices the audio is still sent via Bluetooth, so that's what you could try adjusting.

I assume the same problem does not occur if you are not listening to music at the time, or you are listening to another audio source (such as Samsung's Music app) ?


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