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Is it possible to merge the same artists in Poweramp with different name spelling?

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I use J.River Media Center to manage my music on my laptops and recently upgraded to MC31.

I always title the albums and artists as they are spelled on the covers.

For example the band Shakatak has many albums and sometimes is written Shakatak on the cover, but sometimes SHAKATAK.

Sometimes they are written S h a k a t a k or S H A K A T A K or even S  h  a  k  a  t  a  k  too with 1, 2 or 3 spaces spaces in between letters.

I'm very detailed and in J.River Media Center I prefer to write them exactly as it's shown on the album cover and then tag them all as default 'Shakatak' there so they all show up in the same Shakatak folder no matter the writing style.

Problem is when I transfer them to Poweramp they are seen as different artists.

Capital or lowercase spelling is no problem, since they're seen as same artist but as soon as I put a space in between them, they show up as a different artist in Poweramp because of the spaces.

Any solution for this issue in Poweramp?

For now the only way I can see to fix this is to spell them as only capital or lowercase with no spaces in J.River Media Center so Poweramp see them as the same artist.

Any helps is most apprciated



Screenshot 2024-02-06 132901.png

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If an Artist name is different in any way (apart from its capitalisation) then it is considered to be a different name, there's really no way of getting around that. ABBA is not the same artist as ABC for example, even if they look a bit similar. Even "Rolling Stones" and "The Rolling Stones" would be treated as separate entities for sorting and display purposes. Minor differences in capitalisation will still be treated as the same artist as PA's scanner is case-insensitive. The first variant that PA encounters during its scans will be used for all future variations in lists.

I'm surprised you don't have the same problem in JRiver to be honest.

You could try adding the artist's generic name as a second separate item in the tag, which would at least ensure all of their songs are visible under one specific entey, but it would look pretty messy as both versions would be displayed.


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J.River has separate album artist and album tags, so as long as the album artist spelling is the same for all, you can edit the artist name spelling to match each album style and they'll all show. You can mix solo albums and band albums together this way so for instance George Michael and Wham can be displayed in same folder by calling the album artist tag George Michael & Wham!

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PA uses separate Artist and Album Artist tags too. The Album Artist tag is used to ensure tracks with varying artist names (such as collaborations within one artist's album, "Various Artists" collections, etc) are grouped together into a single album entity. However the individual Artist names quoted for each track will still be available in the Artists list, and shown in the Player Screen.

Note: in addition to there being separate Artist and Album Artist categories available as Library views, you can force Album Artist to be displayed instead of Track Artist - but that would mess up the display of any songs where you need to see different details for each track. See Settings=>Library=>Lists=>"Album Artist Label for _____". But using it would mean the every song from a "Various Artists" collection would be listed as being by "Various Artists", rather than being able to see the unique singer(s) or band for that one song.


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Thanks for your reply and help.


With your advice I solved the issue.


Settings, Library, Lists, Library List Options and uncheck artists and check album Artists and it displays just like my J.River Settings and displays the artists grouped together no matter the artists or artist spelling.

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