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Needing Some Help

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Hi there, I'm using Poweramp on my android head unit and I'm trying to configure somethings, but i don't know if what I want to do is avaliable or I don't know how to do it.

I would like to configure the player so that after finishing a folder of music it automatically starts playing music from the next folder, this does not happen, after finishing the last song in the folder the player stops playing.

Another question I have is, when I turn off the car, the Android head unit turns off along with the car, so if I'm listening to some music and turn off the car, the music doesn't come back to the same point when I go back to listening to the music, the music returns to the beginning, and when I'm listening to a one or two hour set this ends up bothering me, if I stop playing the music before turning off the car, the music starts playing again where I left off, is there any setting that makes the music come back from where it was?

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1) Set the Repeat icon on the Player Screen to 'Advance Category' - which in layman's terms means "Play All Categories", so after one folder/album/etc has finished, the next one will be played, and so on.

2) If the headunit is not issuing a valid shutdown broadcast message (e.g. android.intent.action.ACTION_SHUTDOWN ) to any running apps before it cuts the power, there is no way for Poweramp to know that it's about to be unkindly killed and thus needs to save its current status. Pressing Pause before you cut the power will probably fix this for you, although sometimes even that is not sufficient and you may also need to exit from Poweramp too.


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