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Can't show Poweramp on android lock screen ?

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I'm sure it used to show on my lock screen with controls but has now vanished. The obvious settings don't help. I get simple notifications from WhatsApp and Gmail etc but nothing from Poweramp anymore and I'd like to control tracks from the lockscreen !.

Using the android setting to show music on lock screen only displays the track name. Yes notifications from Poweramp are enabled.

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, Android 12, OneUi 4.1.

Thanks in advance !

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Very much device dependent, but when music is playing with an Always On Display you will usually just see simplified content - such as the song title/artist. On the actual Lock Screen - the one where you can swipe/etc to unlock - you should see Android's media control widget, which can vary between different devices and even Android versions. For example this is on a Samsung Galaxy A54 with OneUI 6.0, Android 14:



What you see is based on how you have got Notifications configured by the way, it's the same information that is also shown in the statusbar pull-down media panel.


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