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Make UI less in-your-face for driving, especially at night

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I just put a new Android-based stereo in the car, and installed Poweramp into it. The thing is, its display is very close to the line of sight for actual driving. I think that it's really going to be annoying when I'm driving, especially so at night. I'm looking for how to minimize that, while still leaving the Poweramp UI up for, e.g., changing tracks.

The thing is, Poweramp is so customizable, by way of tons of settings and lots of custom skins, that I don't know where to look for what I should change. So I guess I'm asking if anybody's got a favorite skin of set of settings that work well for this purpose.

Switching to a Dark theme goes some way to helping. Then I think maybe if the theme showed the album art as just a little thumbnail, or if I can't get to that, then not at all - many albums have bold, bright artwork that will be really distracting. Maybe the best approach for this is to just switch to a muted visualization, and set the opacity so the cover art is barely visible?

Appreciate any tips those more experienced can provide.

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