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Not working after coming out from sleep.

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First, is the Equalizer only app dead now or will it continue to get updates?  I mostly stream and a media player is useless to me 90% of the time.  Updates aren't my main concern, having continued access to it for future devices is.

Also, I have an Android HeadUnit that when I key off,  the headunit goes to sleep, does not power off for 2 days so it has instant on during regular car usage.  The headunit apparently kills Poweramp when going to sleep.  Firing up the app does not restore the ability to control the audio, doing a cold reboot does. 

There is a script available that allows me to tell the headunit not to kill some applications.  I assume Poweramp is a self contained sandboxed app and just putting the full app name could be enough.  Are there any side processes that I should explicitly tell the headunit not to kill?

Just trying to figure out a way to solve this issue.  I don't really expect the app to be fixed.  These Android headunits are such a huge bundle of work arounds, I don't see any app creator wanting to deal with them.  


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Last update release for the EQ app was 3rd January, so definitely still current. :)

Yes, you are right that Android headunits are a law unto themselves, and especially around their power-down sequences. Max would be able to confirm if any other background processes need to be protected to keep the Equalizer app operating. 


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