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Hiby Digital M300 problems

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I've been suing Poweramp some time on my phone, tablet and on my ibasso dx170... 
Few days ago I got Hiby M300 mainly for lossy music actually, and I got 1TB micro sd, which is pretty much full of music.. 
But Poweramp, scans... and scans... but then shows the songs, but artist and album artist are empty...

I tried few different micro sd with same results

I complained this in head-fi.. so I copy paste from there: 

First I used microsd straight from packet...
Then I used another microsd that I used with my R3 Pro saber
Then I formatted the first 1tb micro sd with M300.. added bunch of files.. and always the same thing:

I choose the folders... it takes a bit time but then starts to scan... Scans files and folders... then it goes to "songs" and at some point..and then it just stops and shows 0 to everything BUT then shows songs, but if I go to "album artist" or "artist" it tells me "Doesn't look like anything to me"

I have reseted M300, uninstalled and installed Poweramp, multiple times... and everytime the same problem... I don't understand why?
Poweramp works fine on phone, on my DX170, on my tablet... all of course older version of android than M300... could there be something to cause this?
And Poweramp bought and DL'd from google store

Hiby music app took it's time but it shows the songs and artist and album artists...

I just don't understand why Poweramp wont work. I would prefer it.
Any ideas could the formatting of the sd card effect, and if, how should I format it?

Or is there any problems with android 13 and Poweramp?

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52 minutes ago, Waveway said:

So then i need to dl Poweramp from here, but do i need to pay it again?



There's the "already purchased?" section under "About" in PA settings. Directs you to install unlocker app (from play store if you purchased license there) or to enter your purchase email and UserID (if you purchased a website license).

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On 1/16/2024 at 9:30 PM, andrewilley said:

Could you try using Legacy File Access Mode (in Settings=>Library) and re-grant access permission to your audio folder, and see if that scans any better.

Someone else had a similar issue with a Hiby M300 ROM recently:


Unfortunately no help... I mean... there is 81000 songs, which is a lot, but hiby app seems to be able to do it, I can't understand why Poweramp isn't.

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Found the reason why it was not working

My music library has been with me for a loong time... and for I had bunch of files that had HUGE pictures attached on to them... Music was 20MB and pic was 110MB so File was 130 and for some reason Poweramp was not happy with this... I hope now it will run smoothly...

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