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Bass/other frequency bands boosting up and down during playback

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I recently bought a pair of Jabra Elite 10 buds and I am experiencing something strange.
If I play a song at a high volume, some bands (the bass most of the time) suddenly boosts itself.
This does not happen if I play songs through Spofiy.

I can't seem to figure which setting to tweak/turn on and off to solve this.
Could anyone give me a pointer or two on what to do?

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Strange. Are the Equalizer values (sliders, tone knobs, etc) moving on their own, or is this purely an audible effect? Have you tried disabling the EQ, Tone and Limiter functions completely to see if it still happens?

The Limiter would have the opposite effect, and attenuate during loud patches not boost.

It's not with particular songs is it, as you can assign EQ presets on a per-song basis?


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@Inusama while that happens, does the preset name also contains small "S" icon? If so, it's a preset assigned to a song(s). You can unassign such preset, also song assigned presets are indicated in the lists via small gray metainfo preset label.

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