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MediaMonkey & Ratings


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Checking my understanding, reading through several other threads in both Poweramp and MediaMonkey forums:

PA does not read ratings from media files (FLAC, AAC, MP3).

There is a standard for MP3 ratings in embedded tags, but not for FLAC & AAC.

Because MM stores tags in media files, not in playlists, PA does not have the capability to read the ratings from synced MM playlists. Even if PA did read tags from files, since the FLAC and AAC tags lack a standard, and MM uses non-standard tags, PA probably wouldn't be able to read/use them anyways.

Using any other media management program to sync playlists from Windows to Android would have the same issues in PA.

Is my understanding correct? If not, I really like PA, and would appreciate any suggestions on what media management program would work with PA so that ratings function correctly.



Thank you!

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