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play songs together with friends

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No, it doesn't need the same audio files on each device or even across the internet; it can be done with hotspot sharing between devices. or something called DLNA or the same thins.

Music is from my phone. We connect our devices with a hotspot, then my device tries to send you a current song, and while both are synced, they can play together.

you can test it with SoundSeeder - Synced Music - Apps on Google Play



Screenshot 2023-12-02 010713.jpg

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16 hours ago, Mohammad Hossein said:

yes, song(s) can be temporarily locate on all of devices for synced playing. i hope you add this feature.

imagine! you can hear songs with friends while you both hearing it with iem in best quality. oh god it is really cool

I just can't imagine how this would be an essential addition to Poweramp. While the concept may have some fringe benefits for sharing music, Poweramp is a local file music player designed to provide the best sound possible. Other apps can provide the sharing you are looking for.

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