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Which version of PA is suitable for an offline use?

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Hi, I wanted to use PA in my car android headunit which I recently installed. However I had a few questions:

1- I'm not planning to have a regular internet connection on my headunit as I won't have any online activity on that device (most of the apps installed work offline even GPS app), so does PA unlocker or the main app need a constant active internet connection to verify the license or is it done just once on each device or for other reasonable purposes like updating the app or it doesn't need any internet connection?

I noticed that there are two versions of PA available, a "no Google services" version and a normal Play so regarding my case, which one is recommended?

2- Google Play version (3.69€) is cheaper than the direct purchase (6.61€). Is there any difference between these two? Why direct purchase is almost double the price of the Play version?

3- Is it possible to gift PA to another Google account? If yes, I'd appreciate it if you explain for me. I'm not going to gift PA to anyone, the reason I'm asking this question is that I use another google account on my android headunit, and for the sake of safety I'm not very interested to add my payment methods to that account, so I'd rather prefer to buy the Play version (if I need that version) with my main account and then gift it to the account I'm using on my car.

4- As far as I noticed by using the trial version, I don't have to buy the Equalizer separately and the equalizer is actually bundled with the main app, right?

I'd appreciate it if you answer these question and guide me through my purchase if there are any other tips that I might need to consider.

Thank you.

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1. A live internet connection is required when you install the paid version of the app, but once the licence has been validated and the status saved, it should continue to function fine without any internet connection. You need to make sure your Android headunit is saving data correctly between sessions though, occasionally we see situations where these sort of devices can cut the power before giving apps time to shutdown tidily (most prevalent with some of the non-name Chinese aftermarket devices).

2. The Play Store and direct download versions are identical in terms of functionality. A Play Store licence is valid on multiple devices at the same time as long as they all use the same Google account, whereas the website version is for one single device at a time, but it does not require Google services. The price on the website is mostly fixed (based on a set dollar price I believe, plus any local taxes) whereas Google rates may vary by local markets and can sometimes have special regional offers available. Currently in my market too, the Play Store price is discounted from the regular £5.99 to £3.69 (Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal I assume).

3. If you are talking about a Play Store purchase, then it is tied to the current Google Account that it is purchased on. A website purchase is email-address and ID-number based, so you can pass that on to someone else if you wish (but as I said earlier, it can only be used on a single device at any given time - installing on a new one will revoke the licence for the old one). 

4. Poweramp has its own powerful built-in equalizer which is all your need for listening to music in the Poweramp app. The separate stand-alone 'Poweramp Equalizer' app provides the same sort of audio adjustment features for the output of other Android apps, but it's not needed if you listen to Poweramp only.


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Hi Andre,

Thanks for your thorough and prompt response. So, from what I understood, since I'm going to use PA in my car only, I'd be fine buying either version (website version or Play Store) without the Equalizer. I prefer buying the non Google service version, so I have two more questions:

1- In the website store, for direct purchase, it says "no Google Services required (Poweramp v3)" does this version specification means that my purchase would be for v3 only and it's not a lifetime license i.e. I need to buy let's say a future v4 when available or I can get these major updates in the future with a v3 license?

2- "A website purchase is email-address and ID-number based". So is this linked email the same email used in billing information? If I actually want to buy a license for someone else, should I give their email address in the billing information or I should just enter my own email in the buying process? How this email account is verified? Do they need my email address to activate their own copy of Poweramp or this email is intended for support only? I ask this because if I want to gift a license to a friend I don't think it makes sense if they need my email to activate their app.

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Licences are lifetime, but the older v2 app was a bit more restrictive in terms of email address validation than v3 onwards (specific email apps used to be required for example).

To install v3 or later, download the APK version of the app from the website and use the 'Already Purchased?' option to enter the email address that was used to make the purchase and enter the Order ID which will be given in the confirmation email sent from PayPro Global. So as long as you use your friend's details for the purchase, the confirmation email will be sent to their address with the required ID number. 


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