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Shuffle turning on Automatically


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I have checked through forums about this and there is same problem in the past. this started recently for me. i have samsung s23 ultra. everytime i turn off shuffle, after certain period (coming out of car and back) it turns itself back on now! i have to turn it off manually every single time. i dont know where this setting coming from or how to save the default it to off.

before you say do you turn it off properly, or its turned off abruptly by car etc. first there is no EXIT/TURN OFF/SAVE button on PA to even do this. i ve seen suggestion for energy management etc. which is a work around not a solution! i would like to permanently save it to OFF, so only way for it to work is to manually turn this on! i cant find an option to force this off or make it default/saved!

any suggestions? or is this a new default setting without a way to turn it off completely! PA turns on automatically when connected to car, and it turns on shuffle and i really dont like it for it to decide for me. i like to continue where i left off. 

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As per the other threads on this subject, this seems to be an Android 14 / Bluetooth connection bug. You don't say, but I'm assuming your device has been recently updated to Android 14?

Check PA Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth=>Last Processed Commands to see if your device is generating spurious Repeat/Shuffle BT commands, which Poweramp is of course correctly responding to. Something like this:




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