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Auto DJ functionality mode


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One of the great features of Poweramp is its crossfading functionality (and gapless fading). It makes it much more DJ-like and much more fun to listen to music.

Now how about adding a mode in which one just sees a playlist or folder list and with touching a specific list or folder it automatically begins playing the list without leaving that view.

Currently one can press on the right hand side and options will appear (one of them is PLAY). You can even adjust in settings to not enter the list view and just begin playing the list from that view.

However, I'm talking about a special mode with a commercial focus. Let's say, you rent audio equipment for parties and wish to offer an integral solution for the music. A solid, fool proof mode for AutoDJ functionality where the customer can't exit the mode (a special gesture needed) and where he only sees lists / genres / folders which he can touch to begin playing them.

It could also be used for automating music in your home. Imagine your tablet hanging on the wall, displaying just playlists or genres and with a press of a button it automatically begins playing music on the enabled sections of your home.

Just an idea for the Poweramp programmers. :)

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