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Two albums mixed into one album error?


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Hi all,

I've moved over from PlayerPro to Poweramp and I'm finding the whole app amazing to be honest, loving it so far but I've found one bug (I believe it's a bug anyway).

For some reason it seems to have mixed two albums together under the name of one album, as you can see from the screenshot below I now have an album in the Library called "The Jam - Greatest Hits" but within that folder according to Poweramp it has all my songs from my "Squeeze - Greatest Hits" album, and the "Squeeze - Greatest Hits" album doesn't appear in the Library at all.

I've checked using my file manager and on my SD Card both albums are in different folders, also looking at the Folders section in Poweramp it shows both albums in different folders, so it's only in the Library that it mixes them together.

Is there an option I've missed that is mixing them together?

Poweramp version: 2.0.5-build-483 Full Version

Device model: Motorola Xoom, MZ604, UK WiFi only

Android version: 4.0.3

Custom ROM: 9.0.0-RC0-XOOM-KANG (Wingray - Gapps v5.5 - 02/07/2012)


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Albums are organized purely on album name, not by folders. Please check if your second album has the same album tags as first one.

There is (optional) Albums by artist tab (while in Library, hit menu => List Opts => check Albums by artist. This one groups by album+artist tag and may work better for you.


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