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Poweramp on Google home not play on all devices within the speaker group


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I`ve got a little problem with Poweramp on Google Home. I have a Google home hub and a nest mini. Both are in one speaker group. 

When I stream from spotify etc. I can cast the stream to the speaker group and it works perfectly. When I try to cast from Poweramp, the music plays only on the Google Hub. The nest mini makes a short "Ding" but no music. It seems the connection to the nest Mini is ok because when I pause the music I get back a spoken info from the nest mini.

When I stream the music from Poweramp direct to the nest mini it works. Only the speaker group has this issue. Both devices are in the same wlan. 

I`m new to Google home and things like that so maybe someone can help me. And sorry for my bad english, I`m german 😉




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