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Poweramp on galaxy z flip 5 cover screen


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Hey, first of all I'd like to say thanks for this app! I've been using Poweramp for years on all my phones and it's the best music player app there is in my opinion ☺️

I recently got a galaxy z flip 5 and I use the cover screen (with goodlock installed) more often than the inner screen, and I've noticed that some album covers get "squished" or turned into tiny squares when using the app on the outer screen. I'd like to suggest some changes if possible, maybe something like the default Samsung player, with the cover art as the background and the song's progress bar + buttons and rating on top of it

But the app works pretty well on the cover screen, its mostly just an aesthetic issue. I can also help with testing it out if needed :)





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@Maria from your screenshots, it seems you have no enough space for "alternative layout" option - so you may want to disable that. And also you have larger system fonts/scaling which further reduces avail space, as for me the "half" screen layout looks like this (this is ~976 build, older builds may behave differently):


Generally, it's not possible to make all Poweramp skin option combinations to work on any screen size/aspect out of there, so skin options adjustments may be needed.


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