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LDAC not working on Fiio M11 with Poweramp

Tanq BQZ

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I just came across this thread : https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/17252-fiio-m11-ldac/



I can definitely confirm this, LDAC simply doesn't work on the M11 using PA. I noticed it comparing the quality with PA on my phone, and with the Fiio music app on the M11. (also, PA doesn't show LDAC when going in the audio output for bluetooth, as shown in the original post)

This is not on PA's fault, as the LDAC implementation came with a firmware update on the M11. It's because the M11 is in android 7 and android LDAC support came with android 8.

And i'm no expecting a fix for it. PA simply can't work fine with every device in the world.

If you're using the M11 and want to use LDAC, you got to use the Fiio app (even tho it is absolutely horrendous to use)


I'm just upset that I found out about this after using my LDAC earbuds for one year 😢


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