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Poweramp not displaying embedded artwork on certain FLAC and MP3 tracks


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In the latest Poweramp build (971-976), I've noticed that the app fails to display embedded artwork on certain songs in FLAC and MP3 formats.

However, when I double-check on programs like MP3Tagger and MusicBee, the embedded artwork appears as expected. It's kind of odd since most of my music collection (comprising over 4000 songs) displays embedded artwork flawlessly within Poweramp, but a few stubborn tracks refuse to cooperate.

I've tried re-tagging those specific songs that have issues displaying their embedded, but still no luck. Here are some screenshots:


Musicbee shows the artwork


MP3Tagshows the artwork


Even the file hosting service I use can display the artwork


If anyone can let me know how to solve this issue that would be fantastic.

Heres is a link to the log and songs that Poweramp is having issues displaying the embedded artwork: https://mega.nz/folder/ANFSnB7J#eIueWtkAjd5S0nL03-p7rg


Relevant Information:

  • Poweramp Version: Build 971-976
  • Device: Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G
  • ROM: MIUI 14.0.3
  • Android Version: Android 13



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@GouryellaIV thanks for the test files. I've checked and the files contains album art with Type=255. This is not standard type (there are only 20 types) and Poweramp shows only specific types (FrontCover, Other, Media). So, basically, files with that non standard type do not strictly follow FLAC format, nor this is documented, nor can be somehow predicted and supported before the affected file is on hands for the local testing/investigation. I will add support for non-standard FLAC files like this into the next builds. 

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And in the meantime, you could always just re-save the problem files using a batch tag editor.

To test this, simply import one of the FLAC files into MP3Tag or TagScanner and just re-save it immediately, no changes required. That should correct the non-standard header and the file should then work. If that does work OK, you can do all the others as a batch task - drop them into one of those programs, select all, and Save. I'd suggest perhaps doing this with backups initially, just in case anything goes wrong.


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