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Problem with Youtube Music / Android 14


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Hi everybody

I'm totally confused and so I'm not sure how to describe. I have a Google Pixel Pro 7 pro since a few days and for the first time I use the "Poweramp Equalizer" with Youtube Music (YTM), for the sound with the Pixel without Equ is, to put it mildly, not so great-> with the Equ it's so much better

Yesterday I made the update to Android 14 and since than (it seems to me, I didn't had this problem before) there is almost no sound using the build-in speakers or bluetooth (Chromcast works)
'Almost' means: if I turn up the volume fully and start the Equ-compressor to it, there is a very very low music to hear. After trying serveral settings, making restarts of the phone and reinstalled YTM etc. I than uninstalled the Poweramp Equ. and after another phone restart YTM worked with the build-in spekers as well as with bluetooth

I installed Poweramp Equ again it first works with build in and BT but after what ever which event (I think when I switched from BT to build-in) it doesn't anymore, neitehr for build-in nor for BT.

After I had the Poweramp Equ only a few days in use with Android 13 I'm not sure if this behaviour was already the same (but I'm pretty sure it wasn't)
So does somebody have similar experience, possibly since update to Android 14 and has an idea how to fix or which settings are to be used?

I would be happy to have a solution, so thanks for your input in advance

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Thanks for your answer, but no, this doesn't help.

I once more had to install the equ today anyway and after a restart (the phone) first it was fine with the build in and than with BT. After I stopped hearing with BT it once more didn't work with the build-in nore with the BT (my Jabra Elite 75t gets connected to BT)

YouTube Video player is working fine but Poweramp Equ doesn't have any effect on the sound (should have?)

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@maxmp today I found a way how to activate the EQ:

  • Settings -> Known Players -> YouTube Music (is activated) -> deactivate it and wait a little -> than activate it again (maybe have to do so two or three times) -> now it works 🙂
    • With the bluetooth in my car I had to deactivate and activate again at least 5 times, maybe more
    • FYI: within the settings for YTM the default settings are in use
  • But: I have to do so always when I switch from the build-in speakers to bluetooth and vice versa and also when I stop listening with my BT-inEars and start listening again

So maybe you have an idea what is going wrong? And hopefully it can be fixed in an upcoming version, because the EQ by itself is great (same as the Poweramp Player, I use it since a very long time) and I don't wanna miss it


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