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Compressor Feature Ported to Main App

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Hi there,

Wondering if you can port compressor feature from eq to main app as this feature is very important for me because replay gain is not as useful for me(Using all opus files where replay gain for all songs only shows +5 db, also listening in car environment). Using both eq and main app at the same time is not an option because the sound is not clean and sounds noisy.

Apps such as AIMP (Simply enable on the fly peak/replay gain analyze with a check mark) & Doubletwist Pro  (Play all songs at same volume with a check mark), no need to go through the entire song collection (In my case 67k+ opus files adding replay gain tags (Outdated & inefficient method),which doesn't work properly for opus as of today). Porting it to main app benefits users who need this feature by simply enabling it wiith a check mark in options, for those that don't use it, simply leave it unchecked.

Thank you.

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