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Resume "Queue" after having played another playlist.


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Hi, everyone! I'd like to know if the following is possible or not. I add tracks to the Queue (let's say, 100 songs). I start playing them in shuffle, and after some songs (let's say, 10), I start playing songs from another playlist I created myself. Then, after another couple of songs in this playlist, I'd like to return to listening to the songs in the Queue. What I'd like to know is if it's possible to resume listening from the exact position where I left the queue, or at least start from the song where I left off (or the following one, or the previous one), without reshuffling the Queue.

Thank you everyone in advance!

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If you just use the Shuffle icon on the Player Screen (assuming you don't have Settings=>Library=>Queue=>Ignore Shuffle enabled) the shuffled playback order will be lost when you start a new playback sequence - such as by playing another Category, e.g. a Playlist.

However you should be able to achieve what you want by shuffling the whole Queue before you start playing it, in which case the position in that re-ordered list should be remembered for when the Queue next resumes. You can insert songs into the Queue in random order in the first place by long-pressing on the '>>Queue' button and choosing 'Shuffled' as its operating mode. Or you can re-shuffle the whole queue before you start playing it by using the Re-sort menu option in the Queue category and choosing 'Shuffle'.

[Edit] Hmm, there seems to be a possible bug with resuming the Queue. I just tried the above by listening to about half-way through a 20-song Queue, then playing something else, then returning to the Queue. When I resumed the Queue, it started again at the beginning of the list rather than continuing with the next unplayed song. The Queue header line correctly showed the stored position as '11/20' but I couldn't get it to automatically re-start there.


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