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add the option to move music files between folders


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Poweramp is not intended to be a file explorer app, it is a music player.

The only internal file handling task is the ability to delete specific files.

The Folders Heirarchy view is not actually a folder explorer at all, it merely shows songs in the Music Library based on what folders those songs are contained within. No other non-music content is displayed.


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3 hours ago, IBeniaminI said:

if you can delete a file, how hard is it to move a file within Poweramp?

Because Poweramp is not a file manager, hence it doesn't have full directory access. It only knows of the existence of the specific audio files that it has previously scanned from your defined Music Folders. 

Plus there are already probably hundreds of requests that are more related to music playback which need addressing first, without trying to turn the app into something that it isn't - and which is very well supported by more suitable apps already.


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