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Stream title.


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Creating streams using curated Playlists does give a bit more control than just using the '+Add URL' menu option.

Without any title data encoded in the live stream, PA uses the #EXTINF title provided in the source playlist file:


If the station broadcasts individual track and/or other details, the Track Title and Artist Name are sourced from the info encoded in the stream (but not always the right way round though, it seems stations can be inconsistent in their formatting) while the Album Name will contains the playlist-derived #EXTINF content (but with the station's streamed name appended to it if it differs):


Title and Artist data transposed, presumably by this particular broadcast station?


The problem is, as you say, radio stations are not consistent in what they broadcast (if anything). And in Category Lists (e.g. Streams or Playlists) it makes no sense to use Title/Artist data from embedded content, as without continuing to receive that station the cached wording becomes obsolete as soon as the track finishes.


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The bigger issue is the Stream Category list than the Now Playing screen. I can live with whatever is on the Now Playing screen, the pain I feel is on the Streams list as that keep's on updating with song title or a cryptic station name and makes it hard to spot the right stream.

Second and third items are both streams from Bauer media. The first one in this example shows what it looks like when they are streaming music, then it displays the artist as title and "track title - channel abbreviated", during talk it looks like the second row where you have abbreviated channel as title and URL as track title.

p3 and p4 are two streams from Swedish public broadcast company, there they push the stream quality as title.

I would love to have a display name field that could be manually populated, if it would be blank, then PA should populate it from the stream.

It's a pain to have to read the fine print to find "Mix Megapol" in the list, it's not obvious at the first glance that it's named "Miss Li / Hälsa Gud - MM STO" at this particular moment.

List should read:

  • CD
  • Mix Megapol
  • Rock Klassiker
  • SR P3
  • SR P4

I just realized that I could add Album Art for the stations, would make it a bit better.


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1 hour ago, 6b6561 said:

Added album art and switched to Grid view, now I can use PA both for local music and streamed radio as I now longer have to relay on the text.

That works as long as the station doesn't change its broadcast track information for each new song. If it does, the artwork displayed will get updated based on the new embedded song details.

For example, the three items highlighted below in my Local Radio section are the same basic Greatest Hits Radio station (just with minor local news opt-out differences) but their images get updated every time new song details are broadcast while Poweramp is playing that stream (that station also wrongly sends the track title as artist name, but hey): 


Station URL is: http://edge-bauerall-01-gos2.sharp-stream.com/net2national.mp3?aw_0_1st.skey=1691534114


On 10/2/2023 at 7:06 AM, 6b6561 said:

The bigger issue is the Stream Category list than the Now Playing screen. I can live with whatever is on the Now Playing screen, the pain I feel is on the Streams list as that keep's on updating with song title.

I agree that the naming problem is really only in the Category list view, but Poweramp currently uses the same text strings for lists as it does in the Player Screen, so the two can't be changed independently of each other (I think this is due to the animation effect which flies the same pieces of text from one screen to the other).


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Luckily I don't have the issue with the streams providing album art, cross my fingers...

But I do have the issue that one of the streams, also a Bauer media stream keeps on changing the "aw_01st.skey". I know how to get the skey through browser and inspect, I still have to figure out how to script it as it requires that the play button is pushed before the skey can be extracted. Once that's done it should be trivial to write the URL to a m3u and setup a automatic refresh on the phone.

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