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Using a Playlist From A Old Phone/SD Card


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I came across a old .m3u8 playlist that i had backed up from my old phone/SD Card that contained all my Top Rated songs, and was curious if there was anyway at all to recover/resolve it and use it? I tried giving it a go, but it just kept saying " failed to play" "storage unmounted"

I know I've reorganized my files a lot since then so all the file paths are different, but I know i still have nearly all those same songs on the SD card and the song titles would still be the same. It was nearly a 1000 songs so it would be cool to see my old ratings. If anyone could provide any help I'd appreciate it.

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There's no reason that it couldn't be modified to work if the M3U8 file is copied to your new device.

But the way that Poweramp matches entries within a playlist file to the actual song files is by looking for the exact filename in the exact parent folder. It only checks to that one level, so any higher path details and drive names are ignored. So as long are you haven't changed the filename or the folder it is stored in (e.g. the album name) it should work.


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