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Autostart with Android-Auto


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Hello, unfortunately Poweramp currently starts every time I connect my phone to Android Auto. I haven't set this anywhere and it's annoying because it constantly interrupts the navigation announcements. If I stop playback or try to end the program, it starts again about 30 seconds later. The only way to stop this is to deactivate it in the system settings - which is very inconvenient and dangerous while driving.

Please help me to find the appropriate (incorrect) setting or to stop this bug!

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There are a number of places that auto-start can originate from: the Poweramp app settings (e.g. in Settings=>Audio=>Audio Focus and in Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth) , the Android Auto configuration, or some remote app triggering an event (e.g. the resume function in Settings=>Utils in the stand-alone Poweramp-Equalizer app if you have it, which triggers even if the EQ modes are turned off).

A good way to see what's triggering it is to take a look at the log in Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth=>Last Processed Commands after the issue occurs, and see what keyboard/media events are recorded there.


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