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Deezer Intergration with Poweramp

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Hi guys I'm using Deezer  music app I am having real problems with Poweramp it says nown bug when will this be fixed please 

Question 2 

I have wifi speaker with google integrated I want to use Poweramp when using deezer is this possible 

Have to say the Poweramp is absolutely  stunning  well done for designing a brilliant amp 

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I don't think Poweramp (player) has any Deezer related functionality. Do you mean Poweramp Equalizer app and its Known Apps info message regarding players? This is added by me and this means there is a Deezer known issue, not the Poweramp Equalizer issue. This should be reported to the Deezer devs, as previously they supported 3rd partry equalization on Android, then broke it.

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I no longer have issues with current v7 of Deezer.

If you do still have issues with deezer not being detected ny Poweramp Equalizer then try the deezer apk from apkmirror I never had issues with this version detecting Deezer. The issues for me started when they released v7 but it seems to be working fine for me nowadays.

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