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Poweramp not casting properly


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Build: 974 Bundle Play [974004=862d3789] Full Version 64 bit

Device: Motorola One Hyper

Android 11

Poweramp wont cast to any of my Google home devices properly.  Other apps like Tunein do just fine.  I can start the music (mp3's on my phone) playing on my phone speakers ok.  When I hit the cast button, I select the device, I hear it connect and it starts playing.  The wave display in Poweramp starts moving but there's no sound.  After a second or two, the wave jumps back a bit, moves forward, jumps back and does this over and over regardless of the device.  There's no crash, no error messages, it just keeps jumping back over and over.  Sometimes there's broken sound, sometimes not. 

Any help appreciated, thanks!

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@Meshman thanks for the detailed report. The symptoms like you're describing are the indication of connection failure FROM chromecast TO the phone. For example, chromecast is in the different subnet with one way routing allowed (so you can find and control chromecast from the phone), or firewall/network setup allows some types of connections and disallows others (Isolate clients router/access point option), or you have firewall on the phone denying incoming connections for your network. More details here: 


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Thanks for the reply.  I've checked the things in that list, I don't have a firewall or isolated clients and I can reach the site listed on this device no problem.  Any other casting app works fine, just this one has issue.  Anything else I can do?  Thanks!

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