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Album with multiple artists

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I have a possible solution on the issue of albums where several artists collaborate, being able to separate the artists from the album should group the three songs of the artist "peso pluma" in his album "genesis", in turn if we go to the artist "junior h " in its albums section it should show the album "genesis" but only the song where it participates right? this without editing the artist tag like this

artist:peso pluma; junior h

(which for some reason causes conflict in some users)
leaving your information as follows


Artist:peso pluma 

Album: genesis

Album Artist: peso pluma; junior h



Tengo una posible solución en el tema de los álbumes donde colaboran varios artistas, poder separar a los artistas del álbum debería agrupar las tres canciones del artista "peso pluma" en su álbum "genesis", a su vez si vamos al artista "junior h" en su sección de álbumes debería mostrar el álbum "genesis" pero solo la canción donde participa ¿no? esto sin editar la etiqueta del artista de esta manera

artista:peso pluma; junior h 

(que por alguna razón causa conflicto en algunos usuarios)
dejando su información de la siguiente manera


artista: peso pluma

álbum: genesis

Artista del álbum: peso pluma; junior h



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The Album Artist tag is already parsed (it uses the same symbol options as Artist).

And yes, as far as collaborating Artists are concerned, if you drill down into one of the Artists who only appear on one track in an album, that's the only track you will see when you open that Album from their Artist page.

For example, looking at the Artist "David Bowie", I see the following albums:


If drill down into the Queen Greatest Hits album, I only see the one track that he appears on, not the whole Queen album:



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Hace 7 horas, andrewilley dijo:

La etiqueta Artista del álbum ya está analizada (utiliza las mismas opciones de símbolo que Artista).

Y sí, en lo que respeta a los artistas colaboradores, si profundiza en uno de los artistas que solo aparece en una pista de un álbum, esa será la única pista que verá cuando abra ese álbum desde su página de artista.

Por ejemplo, mirando al artista "David Bowie", veo los siguientes álbumes:


Si profundizo en el álbum Queen Greatest Hits, solo veo la pista en la que aparece, no todo el álbum de Queen:



Thanks for your attention, waiting for future updates for a better organization 

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2 hours ago, Pedro Garcia said:

Thanks for your attention, waiting for future updates for a better organization 

I’m not sure how much better it will get from the current structure. My only request for improvement with the tags is to support the Sort equivalent of Album, Artist, AlbumArtist, Composer, and Title. That would be awesome. 

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4 hours ago, Pedro Garcia said:

Thanks for your attention, waiting for future updates for a better organization 

It already seems to work as expected at the moment. the ARTIST tag can contain multiple names, and each name will appear separately in the Artists list with their songs contained within. The ALBUM ARTIST tag would more normally contain a single entry (although there's no reason it could not contain several) and it is used primarily to ensure that individual tracks from the same album remain grouped together (if it contains multiple names, the combined tag must be identical across the different tracks).

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