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Question on best settings for adjusting volume

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I currently run Poweramp on android 13 and connect my phone to a fiio Bluetooth dac that is connected to the aux input on my receiver. Because its a vintage receiver, there is no remote so i figured id just control the volume from my phone. the fiio dac also has volume control.

I have my receives volume knob at 50% and the fiio dac at maximum. When i try to increase the volume with the phone, one click up can be a massive jump where the next click down is too quite.


Would it be best practice to control the volume from my phone, the dac or on the receiver for a smoother jump in volume.

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If your device supports it, enable finer increments for volume steps (many devices default to just 16 steps). Samsung and some other manufacturers provide it in their own Audio settings (e.g. Samsung's Audio Assistant app), or you may be able to use the Volume Levels feature in PA Settings=>Audio=>Advance Tweaks.


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14 hours ago, nick brochu said:

Would it be best practice to control the volume from my phone, the dac or on the receiver for a smoother jump in volume.

Generally in audio it is best practice to have the highest clean audio from the source, without overdriving the outputs.

In your example case, I would ideally set the phone volume close to maximum, assuming the output levels are not excessive or audibly clipped. The same with your BT DAC if it also has volume support. This would ensure the cleanest signal to your receiver with the lowest noise levels on the connections between each point.

However, since you are looking for the convenience of remote volume that your vintage receiver doesn’t have, you then have to consider the balance of the levels between all three. If you prefer to work with your phones volume controls, try setting the receiver to a relatively low level, and the DAC closer to 90%. Bring your phone up to a mid level 50%, then raise your receiver volume to where you find the volume most comfortable. Leave it there, and adjust your phone in small increments to test. You may need to adjust your receiver up or down a bit to find your sweet spot.

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