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Does Poweramp have a "connected devices" menu where you can give it separate instructions for your separate Bluetooth connections?

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I want Poweramp to change the Previous/Next Track buttons for my car, but not to change them for any other devices. I have seen different music apps where you could change how the app functioned with different Bluetooth connections (for example, it would auto-start when you connected a speaker, but not auto-start when you connected your headset).

Is this something Poweramp has, and if not, can it gain this feature? Thank you!

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No, PA does not have the facility to change auto-resume or control button access on a per Bluetooth device basis. You could deal with the AutoStart issue easily enough with a task manager app such as Tasker - turn the feature off in PA for all BT devices, and set up a task to be run when specific BT devices connect to send a command to PA to commence playback.   


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