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Bluetooth Absolute Volume detection saying it is enabled when disabled in Developer Options

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Hi, as in title.

Have disabled in developer option, but Poweramp Eq saying it is enabled.

Also the link does not take me to dev options when I try it, but to Bluetooth settings,.

This is with a OnePlus7Pro .  

(Works perfectly with LG V30, disabling absolute volume on that allows DVC to be used.)


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Usually you have the turn the Switch in Developer Options to the active (on) position, as it is a DISABLE control rather than an enable one. It varies a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer and by ROM though.

In Poweramp, with a BT device currently connected, you should see this message in the DVC settings page if the developer option has been set correctly:


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If you think absolute volume is actually disabled, you can switch off the detection logic in Poweramp (option called "No DVC for Bluetooth Absolute Volume").

Poweramp then just assumes Absolute Volume is disabled, BUT if it's not actually disabled, you'll hear double volume applied, resulting in very low volume (== lack of any sound on low-to mid volume values). Thanks!

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