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Poweramp (full version) does not hold place when exiting, then returning hours, or days, later


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Using Poweramp (build number 967004-988edd05) full version (build number 307) on my Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G (Android version 13). I have about 1000 songs on my phone, some internal, some on an SD card. I can listen to 1 or more songs, then leave the program. When I return, which may be later that day, or the next, or maybe days or weeks later, the app does not pick up where I left off. It seems that it keeps running in the background. My reasoning - if you were to alphabetize my albums, then sort the songs in track # order, when I pull up the app again, the song playing is always a few songs or the next album (or two or three) down the list.  I have tried pausing the current song before closing the app; I've tried simply closing the app; I've tried force-closing the app; I've tried clearing the cache; and I've tried every combination of all of these I can imagine. None of these steps makes a difference. 

Also, most of the time, even with the app closed, if my screen is locked and I press the button to pull up my pin pad to input my pin, there is a small Poweramp window showing me the current song, allowing me to press play if I wish even before unlocking the screen. 

How do I stop the app from apparently running in the background when I'm not using it? I like the app, but this is very frustrating! 


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When playback is stopped and you close the app interface (NOT force-close, you only need to use the Back or Home buttons) PA will not continue running in the background, and it will be unloaded after a while. If playback is continuing (e.g. you don't press Pause before exiting) you would hear it.

To test this, try playing from the All Songs list (where is easy to see where in the list PA has got to) and pause a song in the middle and exit the interface. Leave it for 10 or 20 minutes and then open PA again. It should be displaying the same song as before, with playback paused at the position where you left off. If it doesn't, something is preventing the app from saving its status when it goes idle.

There is a service which stays available in the background looking for any button or headset/etc activity that should resume playback without re-opening the interface on the screen. However if that happened, you would hear the music playing.

It is also possible to keep the media Notification visible permanently even when media playback is inactive (in fact recent versions of Android prefer that to happen) but you can control that behaviour in PA Settings=>Look and Feel=>Notifications. 


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@rhodesmkI had the situation like the OP describes. I had Bluetooth configured in PA to resume on connection. If in the car I switched from Bluetooth audio to FM radio it would stop the music. If I then shut off the car and then later restarted the car the radio would play fine as it should. But Poweramp would also start playing music into the bit bucket even though the car head unit was playing FM radio. I changed the Bluetooth setting to no resume on connection and it corrected the issue. When the car is set to Bluetooth audio and I start the car the head unit issues a Play command and Poweramp resumes where it left off when I shut the car off.

See this thread;


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