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EQ not working correctly whit Galaxy Buds Pro

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I have a very specific problem whit the EQ when using the Galaxy Buds Pro. After skipping songs, the EQ is like it resets itself, I have to force stop the app to get it to work properly every time. It only happens whit this pair of earbuds, not happening with wf-1000xm4 or wh-1000xm4

Im using a galaxy s23 ultra with Tidal. DUMP permission already granted 

Any ideas? Thanks

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16 minutes ago, maxmp said:

@Marcos Hojberg resets how? Changes to different preset? (Unassign that preset then). Preset stays but knobs go to zeros? (Not sure if this is possible).

Knobs do not change, but sound changes? If so, what is the player? Is it reliable detected by Poweramp? 

Also, try to reboot phone once. Does this help?

Hi! After skipping a track, the music sounds like if there isn't any EQ working, the knobs doesn't change and the app recognize Tidal normally, the session doesn't stop. I tried everything, changing the settings in the app, rebooting, etc. It only happens with the buds pro, it's extremely weird

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5 minutes ago, maxmp said:

@Marcos Hojberg do you use HiFi Plus? If so hi-res songs may be not properly equalized. I will try to retest this for current Tidal builds + Samsung@OneUI5.1.1 and Galaxy Pro Buds2 (SSC Codec). 

Yes, Im on HIFI plus. I think is something related to Samsung obviously, because only happens with the buds. I have all sound settings and tweaks from android disabled.



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@Marcos Hojberg when the issue happens next time, please check that audio info popup - what are the codec params there? Thanks!

Edit: Also I wouldn't recommend using sample rates >48khz for equalization. On Samsungs, firmware often doesn't properly handle this with the audio effect Equalizer uses, causing incorrect equalization (not to mention meaningless of such DSP processing for very hi resolution content). Keep Tidal at High, not Max for the equalization.

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