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Changing the app icon adds another app launcher instead of changing the existing one

Gray Void

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Version: build-967-uni [967009-662753fc]

Device model: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Android version: 13

Steps to reproduce:

- put the Poweramp app to the Home Screen

- turn on Home Screen Lock in Settings -> Home Screen

- try to change the app icon several times

Instead of changing the existing icon it will put more app links into the app screen (see the attached screenshot).

If you delete the app via one of the links all of them disappear, but will reappear again after reinstalling the app. I chose to keep the user settings though, haven't tried the clean install.


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9 hours ago, Fitzian said:

see here - dev recommended restarting device, otherwise default icon might be only way to avoid duplicates


Thanks! Restarting the device didn't help, but unlocking the Home Screen and changing the icon to the default one did remove all the duplicates, after which I was able to change the icon to the desired one without any dupes emerging and then locked the Home Screen again.

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