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Option to allow other apps to capture Poweramp's audio (for AirPlay)


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Android 10 added a new feature which allows to capture the device's internal audio, provided the app producing this audio allows it. Currently, PA does not allow internal audio capture.

What I'm mostly after is this: There is a neat app called AirMusic which can cast your internal audio via many different protocols such as airplay and upnp/dlna. Rather than implementing all of these in PA it would be far easier to just allow its audio to be captured (this should be fairly simple to do). This could be an option somewhere in the advanced audio settings.

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@BooFar exactly. If it doesn't work for you it's due to shareId bug (when multiple apps share same user id, Android may incorrectly apply some new permissions. Mostly due to the new Google devs not being aware of old rarely used Android functionality). This is fixed in the recent Androids and also can be probably mitigated by uninstalling unlocker and rebooting the phone (untested).

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@maxmp  It's just weird that this issue persists even after a full reinstall. It works no problem for every other app (that isn't known for blocking recording). I guess I'll just use another player when casting. Thanks anyway!

Airmusic works for me but there's a weird issue where the phone's volume needs to be above 0 BEFORE connecting in order for it to produce sound, otherwise it will remain muted even if you increase the volume after connecting.

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