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Loud sound when changing app, song, etc

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There is a serious problem with Poweramp equalizer on my phone.  And I'm kinda scared because it'll probably damage to my headphones.

Sometimes when I switch apps, change song, etc.  a deep bassy static sound comes at full sound, and from earphones, from speakers, its loud as hell. It is impossible to prevent, even volume button does not work for preventing it. It is a bug since beta era of Poweramp equalizer. I have no idea why it happens but... yeah. I like the overall product. I have Poweramp Equalizer Premium. But this bug prevents me to use the Poweramp EQ.

It happened on street once. Everyone looked at me, probably they thought I stole the phone from someone else and alarm sound just blasted lol. It blasts that deep static sound so loud that it sounds like an alarm from outside. It will probably damage to phone speakers and earphones if I continue to use it like that. Embarrassing.

Please fix this issue as soon as possible. Product has a great quality, I really enjoy using it but this thing makes me crazy. I beg you to fix it.

I'll wait for the issue for happen, record it and will send here. Please, help me!

Device details: Samsung Galaxy m21 (SM-M215F) Android 12

My e-mail: scmertdogan303@gmail.com just in case if you need for contact.

Screenshot from 2023-08-04 12-30-11.png

Screenshot from 2023-08-04 12-30-06.png

Screenshot from 2023-08-04 12-33-29.png

Screenshot from 2023-08-04 12-33-29.png

Screenshot from 2023-08-04 12-34-49.png


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Moved from specific-build release thread as this is apparently a long-standing issue
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1 hour ago, Şeref Can Mertdoğan said:

It goes even louder when I close dolby atmos and system equalizer, Interesting.

It is not recommended to use any system EQ in conjunction with PA-EQ. Besides this, have you tried with defeating all of the reverb and echo functions? This is what I hear as you are rapidly switching between apps.

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