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Poweramp builds 971-976


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@andrewilley I tried it but it shows the same behavior. To be clear, this is not a new device (Chromecast with Google TV 4K). I was able to cast just fine to it, then an update was applied (maybe from google or Poweramp) and then this problem appeared. Later down the line it was fixed and now it appeared again.

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13 hours ago, maxmp said:

@andrewz Poweramp locks rotation when menu/dialog is shown.

This is not the case. What I'm saying also does not apply to Settings, which is always in portrait. I'm talking about main screen or library without any pop-up menu. The rotation does not work properly and reliably. Sometimes it does, but most of time not. Changing the related settings seems to provoke the bug.

I deleted app data and reinstalled the app today. The result is the same. There is something wrong with 971-976 in this regard. Please investigate.

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On 9/16/2023 at 9:28 AM, Hagman said:

Hello, I'm on build 976 and the volume temporarily dips/pauses when I open or close the app with music playing. It didn't behave like this in previous builds. I have not changed anything in audio focus/duck volume settings. Using a Sony Xperia 10 IV with Momentum 4 headphones (aptx adaptive). This does not happen with wired headphones. 




Never mind, I had to reboot the phone. Starting to get sick of Android

This problem still persists on build 976, but only when I use a device with aptx adaptive. If I change to another Bluetooth codec it works again - no pauses in audio. But android will pretty soon default back to aptx adaptive (for my main device, which is momentum 4) and the problem will return. Wasn't like this on previous builds. 

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On 9/27/2023 at 7:18 AM, inTRANcA said:

That's correct

Update: the same issue started appearing on older builds and that led me to think the problem is not Poweramp it is the phone Oneplus 8T. Installed the app on Realme GT2 PRO and it works as expected.

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@maxmp ok I didn't word it really well

Crash not as in the app turns off, but I skip to next song, the album art of the next song shows up, but the previous song still plays and the app is unresponsive until I force stop it. It happened sometimes in previous builds too, but not as much. 

And about the lyrics issue, I think it's because there was somewhere discussed the order that songs will take lyrics and from where, like some songs that have .lrc files show the non synchronised lyrics embedded and so on. But that doesn't explain the fact that some songs that have nothing embedded show nothing at all even if the .lrc file is present (yes with the same name and whatever, they worked before). That probably means that Poweramp doesn't read the .lrc files at all.


Edit: also the downloaded album art through Poweramp doesn't show up even when I try to reapply it, only shows a blank cover or the embedded one

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