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Refresh the library when connected to android auto

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I'm a long time happy user of Poweramp but now I do have a question.
It already happened to me a couple of times that I add new content to my music library and don't open Poweramp before I'm in the car where I open it with android auto.
In this case the library is not refreshed.
Most of the time I notice this when driving and that time I can't open Poweramp on the phone to start the refresh.
Is there an option to do this when connected to Android auto and if not is this something that can be added in the future.

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Poweramp can be set to do a background refresh of the Library whenever the app interface is launched (in fact it does that by default) but of course Android Auto doesn't actually launch the interface on the phone, it just communicates with media APIs.

The simplest immediate solution would be to set up a small task to automatically launch the Poweramp app whenever a Bluetooth connection is established to your car, to save you having to do it manually using the phone screen. I use Samsung's free Bixby Routines for that sort of job (mine is set to run PA whenever I connect my wired headset for example) but there are lots of other automation apps around that can do the same job, such as Tasker.


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